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Hack By Fecurity

If you’re looking for an affordable, regularly used, and tested CS 2 hack, Undetectedcheatz has you covered. Our users have rated this cheat highly for effectiveness, ease of use, and support. Whether you are new at the game, trying to catch up to your friends or kids who play, or just don’t want to spend time constantly being kicked back to the lobby, this cheat is for you.

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CS 2 Fecurity Hack

Our CS 2 ESP do more than just show you where other players are hiding. This function also show you where every item, including ammo and weapons, are. You’ll see where all the potions, secret items, and treasure chests are hiding, as well as showing the locations of your enemies. The Fortnite ESP hacks show the names and distance of other characters. Keep track of the new nemesis you’ve made or just know the closest opponents to go after.
The CS 2 Wallhack function is kinda rare to have in a cheat, because you can see players like a shadow or brightly colored. This feature allows you to see everyone transparently through the walls and know where where they are hiding, all the time. This information makes the game ten times easier, as you’ll never be caught off-guard again but will always have the element of surprise on your hand.

System Requirements


Intel & AMD

Operating System

Windows 10 (v2004 to newest) & Windows 11


English Menu


HWID Locked




  • Box ESP (Draw player box)

  • Box ESP outline

  • Health (Draw health bar)

  • Shield (Draw shield bar)

  • Skeleton (Draw skeleton)

  • Maximum distance

  • Player info ( Nickname, Distance, etc)

  • Enemy only (Visuals for enemies only)


  • Enable Aimbot

  • Aim at shoot

  • Visible check

  • Aim Enemy only

  • Aim horizontal speed

  • Aim vertical speed

  • Hitbox priority

  • Aim key

  • Draw & Adjust FOV

  • Target swith delay

  • Hitscan coefficient


  • Untrusted mode

  • No spread

  • Recoil compesation

  • Triggerbot

  • Auto jump

  • Auto pistol

  • Auto accept

  • Developer mode

Frequently asked questions

Here at Undetectedcheatz.com we make sure our hacks are undetected at all times. Just make sure to follow our guides to stay safe.
When cheat is stream proof that means it will be invisible to other people while they’re watching your stream.
Check upward on operating system field, usually our cheats support windows 11 but make sure to check before purchasing
Check upward on accessories field, we also offer UC spoofer that works with many popular games with easy setup.
Usually cheat will work after a game update correctly, if something is broken with a large game update, our developers will fix it as soon as possible, and time will be compensated as well.

1-Day Access


7-Day Access


30-Day Access